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The role of the PA/EA has evolved over recent years.  They will be experts in building relationships, dealing with conflict and decision making. They are emotionally intelligent leaders, who are prepared to take risks and be creative. They must be willing to represent their manager, give presentations, attend meetings and delegate.

These skills have to be learnt and developed and this interactive, discussion based workshop will give everyone the opportunity to hone their skills to ensure they return to work able to develop their role and contribute effectively to the success of their organisation.

An exceptional PA does not believe in luck; he/she makes their own luck.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate your value and the responsibilities that go with that
  • Become an excellent communicator
  • Perform confidently and assertively
  • Organise your time and workload for maximum impact
  • Interact professionally
  • Create effective minutes
  • Write persuasive correspondence
  • Manage the partnership with your Executive for the success of the team
  • Become a leader
  • Learn NLP technique to create great relationships and earn respect
  • Know how to reinforce positive perceptions
  • Become emotionally intelligent
  • Be able to have a clear plan for your future

Major Topics Covered

What is the role of a PA/EA?

  • Reflect on the importance of the PA role and the impact they can have

Building on existing skills

  • The importance and implications of communications
  • Confidence and assertiveness skills – the basis for everything the PA has to achieve

Organise your workload

  • Work efficiently with time pressures
  • Effective planning and prioritising
  • Fully understand your business
  • Techniques for taking control

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive PAs
  • Office Managers
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Confidential Secretaries
  • Senior and Junior Secretaries
  • Administrative Assistants

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Session One

Introduction and course review

  • An introduction to the speaker and attendees
  • Overview of the course content
  • Course and delegates’ objectives

Session Two

Build on existing skills

  • Reflect on the value of the PA role to an organisation
  • Understand the importance and implications of communications
  • Awareness of confidence issues
  • Techniques for becoming a confident PA
  • Create excellent relationships and effective working practice through superb assertiveness skills
  • Fun activity to show the importance of communications and group exercises to make this relevant to your situation

Session Three

Organise your workload

  • Successfully manage your time under pressure
  • Ensure effective planning and prioritising of tasks
  • Gain business acumen
  • Awareness of causes of stress and how to manage it
  • Effective delegation skills
  • Take more control of your role
  • Case studies to reinforce these skills

Session Four

Professional presentations

  • Preparation
  • Prepare yourself
  • Open and close for impact
  • Control your nerves
  • An opportunity to give a short presentation

Session Five

Meetings, notetaking and writing minutes

  • Skills required to be an effective notetaker
  • Work successfully with your chairperson
  • Practise summaries
  • Speedwriting tips
  • Action plan 1

Session One


  • Recap and  reflection on day 1

 Session Two

Business writing skills

  • Structure truly professional correspondence
  • Achieve a 21st century style of writing by avoiding business clichés
  • Techniques for writing persuasive emails
  • Bring examples from your work that you’d like to improve on

Session Three

Lead the partnership with your manager

  • Understand people’s different working styles
  • What is your working style?
  • Solve problems and crises and make decisions
  • Ensure a professional, productive and successful partnership with your manager
  • Find out what is your working style

Session Four

Influencing skills

  • Learn how to build rapport with managers, colleagues and clients
  • Become a leader within your organisation
  • Benefit from change in your work environment
  • Create a motivational work place
  • Activities to find excellent ways to work

Session Five

Emotional intelligence, personal effectiveness and development

  • Understand emotional intelligence
  • Ensure positive perceptions and a professional image
  • Network for success
  • Work effectively in a multicultural environment
  • New perspectives
  • Set realistic and effective goals for your future
  • Action plan 2

Session Six

Workplace Wellbeing 2.0: The foundation of the Future of Work in a Post-Covid landscape

  • Challenges and weaknesses of a typical workplace wellbeing approach today
  • What the research tells us; an exploration of the positive impact that wellbeing (when done right) can have on almost every metric your CEO cares about
  • Delivering Wellbeing 2.0; A strategically aligned and investment driven workplace wellbeing strategy
  • Q&A
Bobbi Hartshorne
Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer, Bewellwise
Heather Baker
International PA / Admin consultant & CPD certified trainer
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