Business Valuations using Microsoft Excel – Online Course

This Eight Hour Business Valuations using Microsoft Excel course will help you to extend your business valuation and finance function skills in Excel. This course starts by reviewing some of the fundamentals of the topic and then quickly moves into Excel to demonstrate its power in terms of the more advanced forms of business valuation that you can then achieve.

The workshop is delivered by renowned Accounting and Management Consultant Duncan Williamson. Duncan is an inspirational presenter whose excellent communication skills have been demonstrated across several countries and cultures assisting students, trainees and colleagues to achieve their full potential. Duncan’s international experience includes projects and consultancies carried out in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Balkans and Denmark. He also regularly works with colleagues from around the world via his on line activities.

Course Objectives

On completion of this highly practical, hand on training course, attendees will be able to:

Review the fundamentals of business valuation principles
Use Excel’s finance functions with greater confidence
Consider single stock investment analysis
Appreciate investment valuations using Excel
Work through portfolio performance evaluation
Course Structure
The course starts with an overview of what the fundamentals of business valuation are. Step by step, we will build on our existing and then our new knowledge and skills. We are aiming in this course to take you from basic or little business valuation knowledge, via your own aspirations, to a much more in depth knowledge of it.

This is an intensive course and delegates will be exposed to a variety of practical model building tasks.

With the help of the Course Director, delegates will leave this course with the confidence and ability to apply their learning in business valuation effectively.

Course Methodology
This programme will be delivered through a series of realistic, practical, and interactive case studies and worked examples, demonstrating how and why each technique is used. Emphasis is placed on the delegates gaining practical, hands-on experience of the design and construction of financial models in Excel.

Delegates will also benefit from formal and informal insights from the presenter. Comprehensive notes and PowerPoint slides together with Excel exercise outcomes will be provided free of charge for delegates’ future reference.

Every two hour session will comprise an introduction and worked example(s) of the topics listed. Delegates will then be provided with additional and supporting tasks that will consolidate their learning. At every stage, the course director will be available to answer questions and suggest solutions to problems.

Pre Requisites

Delegates should already be confident in using the main functions and utilities that come with Microsoft Excel: the Course Director will be using Office365 and delegates are expected to be using the same or as near to the same version as that
You will be provided with all appropriate training materials both in advance and throughout the course. Please familiarize yourself with any course materials provided in advance of the course before the course begins
Who Should Attend?
This is relevant for all industry sectors with an interest in financial analysis and valuation and job titles including:

Finance Directors/Financial Controllers/CFO’s
Business/Financial/Treasury/Market Analysts
Corporate/Structured/Project Finance Officers
Financial/Strategic Planners
M&A Specialists
Private Equity Project/Commercial Management
Credit Risk/Treasury Managers

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Smartest Way to Explore What Will Happen at the Summit
  • Asset allocation
  • Beta
  • Multiples and stock valuation
  • Smart beta
  • The main Finance Functions of Excel I
  • The main Finance Functions of Excel II
  • Time series data for stocks
  • Holding period returns
  • Market timing: time series momentum
  • Rolling P/E and P/B ratios for a stock
  • Building a discounted cash flow model
  • Building a dividend discount model
  • Calculating expected returns of a stock
  • Using probability to calculate stock returns
  • Finding the arithmetic and geometric returns of a portfolio
  • Evaluating the standard deviation and variances of a portfolio
  • Finding the beta of an asset
  • Computing the risk for a portfolio with many stocks
  • Computing asset valuation
  • Finding cross sectional momentum
  • Evaluating correlation between stocks
  • Portfolio attribution: hedge funds and mutual funds
  • Valuing a bond
  • Scenario analysis
  • Setting up allocations
  • Scenario analysis in a portfolio
  • Computing expected risk of a portfolio
  • Computing Sharpe ratios
  • Calculating information ratios
  • Computing Sortino ratios
  • Calculating Treynor measures
  • Calculating VAR
Ralph Ward
Ralph Ward is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and advisor on the role of board of directors, how “benchmark” boards excel, setting personal boardroom goals, and the future of governance worldwide.
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    June 24, 2020 9:00
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    June 25, 2020 5:00
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