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This highly practical and interactive masterclass will help you to improve your company’s forecasting capability and also to build a prediction edge, for overall planning and increased profitability.

Top Benefits of Attending

A good forecast can mean the difference between bumper earnings and bankruptcy. Superforecasting is one of many finance skills that can be seen as personally risky because the stakes are often high. Whole reputations can be riding on the success or failure of a new business acquisition, or whether it was the right decision to divest a part of the business. It is particularly vital that your leading financial superforecasters are domain experts with a firm grasp of various financial concepts such as cash flow, business valuations and cost-of-capital calculations.

This very intensive and hands on course centres around the practicalities of your business and commercial life. The majority of the data sets to be used in the course are taken from real life situations, ranging from economic data to data relating to the lining of oil wells with concrete!

At every stage of the course, links are made between the practical aspects of forecasting, Microsoft Excel and the world of work.

Is it the right course for you?

You are not required to be an expert in Excel in order to attend and benefit from this course but you should consider yourself to be an intermediate level user of it. As a result of attending and completing this course, you will be confident in your ability to carry out forecasting in a wide range of settings.

Course Outcomes

  • Strengthening your decision making process
  • Applying Excel’s built in forecast functions
  • Evaluating the elements of forecasting for the long term
  • Reviewing the qualitative forecasting techniques
  • Applying and evaluating forecasting with time series data
  • Using the exponential smoothing techniques
  • Applying and evaluating simple and multiple regression analysis
  • Calling upon ARIMA models in the context of forecasting
  • Realistically measuring risks

Who Should Attend

  • Financial accountants
  • Financial modellers
  • Management accountants
  • Treasurers
  • Controllers
  • Accounting technicians
  • Bank employees
  • Financial reporting professionals
  • Inventory controllers
  • Credit controllers
  • Recent graduates who need real world exposure both to Excel and to forecasting
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  • Why are you worried about forecasting? You have already come this far!
  • Why do we prepare forecasts that we know are wrong?
  • Time Series forecasting models
  • Explanatory forecasting models
  • Qualitative forecasting
  • Basic steps in forecasting


  • Problem definition
  • Gathering data
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Choosing and fitting models
  • Using and evaluating a forecasting model
  • Is data analysis and management a general management problem?
  • Our answers to these forecast problems should always be right
  • Our answers to these forecast problems will never be known: how good are our estimates?
  • The Engineering Method: formulas, recipes, constants … it’s not all about mathematics and statistics but arithmetic helps!
  • Cycles and long term trends: Forecasting prices and sales
  • Very long term trends: Multiple decades and centuries
  • Analogous forecasting
  • Scenario planning and forecasting

• We will be using Power Query, in particular, to set up and manage our forecasting function. This includes
• Getting data from a wide variety of sources
• Cleaning the data
• Merging and Appending files as appropriate to enhance modelling and forecasting

• Combining Power Query and Power Pivot to enable us, for example, to create tables with more than 1 million rows to load without difficulty

• Reports update on demand or when you reopen a file
• You never need to reprogram your forecasts again
• You can share everything with everybody or
• Something with everybody or
• Nothing with anybody: just you

• Decomposition Principles
• Moving Averages
- Simple
- Centred
- Double
- Weighted
• STI/STL Decomposition
- Seasonal, Trend, Irregular Components
Additive and multiplicative decomposition

• Introduction
• Single
• Double
• Holt Winter’s Method: allowing for seasonality

• Use the power and flexibility of dedicated statistics software
• Problems can be set up in minutes
• Solutions come in seconds
• Greater variety of answers, greater breadth in the answers
• Use this open source software, written by professionals to make the lives of the rest of us so less stressful
• Ordinary Least Squares
• Transforming data: From non linear to linear
• Multiple Linear Regression
• Time series
• Stepwise Regression
• Explanatory models

• Salespeople forecasts
• Management forecasts
• Expert/Futurologist forecasts
• Delphi Technique

Duncan Williamson
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    June 15, 2022 09:00
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    June 16, 2022 17:00
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