Mastering the Boardroom During COVID 19 Crisis – Online Workshop

Why is it important?

COVID 19 has changed the dynamics of the entire planet. Corporations around the globe today find themselves at a scary flash point in the governance of their companies. For top business executives and board members, these times bring great uncertainty. Some countries have shaped corporate governance rules and mandates that are indeed world class… but the governance reality is struggling to catch up. Besides, during these times where social distancing has become a norm, corporate boards need to understand how and what they need to do to take their board meetings online.

What if your board could actually be a powerful tool for shaping strategy, building business opportunities, networking and valuable advice? What if the membership, structure, and work of your directors could turbocharge results, foster rising executive talent, and impress investors?

This premier masterclass workshop will feature in-depth discussions on how the “corporate board” model took over the world, the basic elements of corporate governance, the special dangers boards face today, the tips and tools that help your board do more, better, with less time . In addition, the presenter, Ralph Ward, would also deliver a special session revealing the secrets of how to effectively take your board meetings online.

What would you learn?

Our program delivers the essentials you and your corporation will need to close this governance gap. Some of the key takeaways from these power packed, 4 (75 minutes each) sessions include:

  • The pitfalls involved in taking your board meetings online and how to avoid those
    How new governance standards and global board best practices can unlock shareholder value
    How to shape the new boardroom leadership you’ll need to succeed
  • Getting your board right with diversity, independence, skills, experience and powers
    Board tools for setting strategy, financial results, audit, company performance, and risk management
    How boards can set policies on board/owner powers, executive succession and talent development, remuneration, and evaluation
  • Why family business boardrooms face such unique challenges and how you can turn these into strengths
  • How boards are managing new governance issues like corporate social responsibility, diversity, and stakeholder responsibilities

What makes this workshop special?

After our program, your real work begins! You’ll head back to the office with an outline for turning new governance tools into value for the company. You’ll learn how to lead and plan from the boardroom. And your board, your promoters, your executives and investors will gain models of how to blend their unique roles effectively.

This exclusive workshop includes:

  • A structured approach to boardroom best practices and functioning
  • Best practices on how to take your board meetings online
  • Understanding board risks – managing dangers from outside, inside, and online
  • An overview of critical board challenges for today and tomorrow
  • What doesn’t your board know about the company, its people, and its dangers
  • Interactive brainstorming sessions to keep you ahead of the curve

Who Should Attend?

  • Chairmen and chairwomen of boards and of board sub-committees
  • CEOs
  • Corporate Owners
  • Company secretaries
  • Boardroom executives (especially those preparing for a first board seat)
  • Leaders of state-owned enterprises
  • Venture capital and private equity partners
  • Independent and non-executive directors
  • C-suite executives
  • Directors of IT, Finance, HR, Risk, Legal
  • Compliance, Audit and Communications
  • Corporate governance professionals
  • Regulators
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Smartest Way to Explore What Will Happen at the Summit

How do you conduct safe, legal, effective board meetings now when everyone is sheltering in place? Taking board business online has suddenly gone from being a smart idea to become an urgent necessity. How do you decide when it’s safe to reopen?

The tips and tools that help your board do more, better, with less time (and danger). Shaping best practice board calendars, agendas; smart board administration, better board presentations (that don’t put everyone to sleep).

The secrets of effective board chairmen. Roundtable question. The board and the CEO – navigating the relationship, CEO succession planning, and dealing with friction. Roundtable question.

What are the major causes of boardroom conflict (and their solutions)? How does the board prevent conflict of interest issues? Roundtable question.

Ralph Ward
Ralph Ward is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and advisor on the role of board of directors, how “benchmark” boards excel, setting personal boardroom goals, and the future of governance worldwide.
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    August 19, 2020 09:00
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    August 20, 2020 17:00
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