About Internal Audit and Risk Management – Online Workshop

Internal Audit and Risk management functions are some of the significant pillars of the overall governance and risk management efforts of every organization. Well-functioning IA and RM functions enable organizations to meet the challenges of the current pandemic and overall cope with unexpected challenges that are very likely to appear more and more in the next period.

In today’s challenging global economy, there is a need for identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring an organization’s business opportunities and audit risks. For all businesses, there are risks that exist and need to be identified and addressed in order to prevent or minimize losses.

Attend this brief workshop, which is conducted by renowned speaker George Pelekanakis, for a key discussion on the adaptations and changes you need to effect to continue best-serving your organizations.

What would you learn?

By attending this program, you would get an opportunity to Capitalize on the expert knowledge to gain maximum value on these vital issues:

  • EXPLORE the guidance that global organizations provide
  • DISCOVER the changes effected by the COVID 19 pandemic
  • UNDERSTAND what is necessary to approach soft controls
  • IMPROVE your understanding of the changing landscape
  • IDENTIFY the challenges of internal auditing the Risk Management function
  • EXECUTE proper internal audit work into the organization with proven results
  • CAPITALIZE on the diverse experience of the instructor
  • MASTER the secrets of a truly risk-based approach

Who Should Attend?

Directors, GMs, VPs, Chief Internal Auditor (CIA), Senior Managers, Managers, Auditors and Accountants with responsibility in the following functional areas:

  • Audit and Control
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Internal Audit/Internal Control
  • Risk Management/Risk Control
  • Risk Management/Risk Control
  • Legal Corporate Governance

From cross industries especially:

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Consumer Products
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Smartest Way to Explore What Will Happen at the Summit

Story #1: the bicycle store

  • The story aims to clarify the importance of objective-sStory #1: the bicycle store
    The story aims to clarify the importance of objective-setting in the risk management function

Story #2: the COVID19 pandemic

  • The story which is very realistic and up to date will highlight the key aspects of a system of internal control that would allow an organization to effectively meet the challenges effected by the COVID19 pandemic

Impact on Planning

  • The discussion will highlight the effects of the current crisis on IA planning

Impact on fieldwork

  • The discussion will focus on how fieldwork has changed due to the limitations imposed be the current crisis

Impact on Reporting

  • The discussion will challenge weather existing report channels and formats are adequate for the current conditions


  • Open discussion and Q&A
George Pelekanakis
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    November 2, 2020 09:00
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    November 3, 2020 17:00
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