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Over the past few years, the focus on improving customer experience has been more than even before. Rapid advancement in technology as well as the influx of new tools and solutions have enabled customer experience professionals to engage the customers on all levels while at the same time giving them the best possible user experience.

Delivering an outstanding experience for your customer is extremely vital for any business. The better experience you can provide to your customers, the more likely it is that you will have repeat customers and also the more positive reviews your business will receive. Besides, a better customer experience will also reduce customer complaints and returns.

The CX Leadership Forum offers a chance to dig deep into the latest strategies and how these can help you achieve and exceed your CX goals.

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Experience Officer
  • VP – Customer Experience
  • Director of Customer Experience
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Director of Strategy & Operations
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Online Sales Development
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Customer Experience Associate
  • Customer Experience Analyst

The Programme

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Puneet Jain
Director - Strategy & Operations, Customer Experience, Google
Mark Carson
Customer Experience and Quality Director, Renault
Hetarth Patel
CX Transformation Director, ECEMEA, Oracle
Hany Mokhtar
Sr. GM, (SVP) Customer Experience, Mobily
Hawra FidaHussain AlLawati
Head of Customer Experience, Almouj, Oman
Abdulaziz Alshamsan
Executive Director General Customer Experience, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saudi Arabia

Personalizing your customers’ experience is akin to making them a part of your corporate family. Although customer loyalty has become increasingly difficult to achieve these days, but seemingly insignificant things like giving a seamless experience to your customers across various devices, or remembering their choices from a past interaction, can go a long way in building trust and ensuring customer retention. Learn from our expert the best strategies to personalize your customer experience, and watch your revenue soar!

COVID 19 has completely transformed the way we do business, and create inspiring CX journeys. While some brands have struggled to adjust to the changing market dynamics, but other businesses have continued to gain momentum. In this riveting discussion session, our experts from some of the biggest brands will teach you the best post-pandemic strategies to keep your CX program relevant and robust.

Although it is the customers who drive your company’s sales, but it is your employees who spend the most time interacting with your brand. If your employees are not aware about the USPs of your brand, then you cannot expect that from your customers. It thus becomes imperative that you start your brand building strategy with the people who most interact with your brand, which would in time produce an entire army of people who will be ready to share your message with the world

Building better and more efficient CX programs is a multi-step process that begins with understanding your customer’s expectations, continues towards creating inspiring experiences at every touchpoint, and finally ends with delivering indulgent customer experience. Listen to our industry expert, as they explain in detail about how to ace this step-by-step process of creating top notch CX programs

With the world witnessing unthinkable changes over the past two years, digital transformation has not just remained a good to have aspect for businesses, but has become vital for their long-term survival. In this session, experience the seamless digital transformation journey of this company, and take out valuable lessons for your organizational growth

The past two years have elevated digital CX from the realms of nice to have, to must have. This session will give you a better understanding of how digital CX can impact your brand, and how to gain total control of all your digital channels

With the market becoming increasingly competitive with every passing day, ensuring customer loyalty has become more important than ever before. Experience based distinction at every state of customer interaction can be the deciding factor when it comes to building brand loyalty. Learn from our expert about how they transformed their CX strategy to ensure better customer experience and, in turn, increased customer loyalty and retention.

Keeping your customers involved and connected can be achieved with the current use of technology. Join this session as our expert will teach you how to identify and overcome challenges encountered with technology adoption to make your CX program more efficient.

Participate in this interactive session and discover fun and engaging ways to evolve your CX program. After this session, you would be able to go back to your office with a well laid out plan on how to restructure your customer experience strategies for overall growth.

COVID 19 has plunged the world into a lot of pervasive uncertainty. Moreover, it has completely transformed customer behaviour, and reshaped how businesses operate. For example, a majority of the consumers who preferred in-person shopping in the pre-pandemic era, have now shifted to online buying. While the pandemic will eventually fade out, some of these changes will become permanent. It can be safely said that businesses that adapt to these changes will recover more robustly and will continue to thrive. This keynote session will help you understand how your business can turn the challenge posed by COVID 19, into an opportunity.

While today’s consumer is more aware, but the fast paced lifestyle as well as increasing competition also means that businesses have very little time to engage their customers, and make sure that a visit actually turns into a sale. Research has proven that businesses that monitor and analyze their consumers’ behaviour end up making more sales. Investing in digital tools to make your customer experience more personal is one way to enhance productivity. Our experts will touch upon these and many more points during this riveting discussion session.

While every brand these days has begun to offer customer engagement across multiple channels, but true omni channel cx can only be achieved by supporting those channels within every single transaction. This session would delve deep into important issues like how to gain a bird’s eye view of your customer’s journey; omni channel cx as a means to achieve higher customer retention; and how an omni channel approach can increase CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)

Rapidly evolving trends have made it more difficult than ever to map your customers’ journey. The results of not being able to effectively map their customers’ journeys can be devastating for a business. In this real world case study session, visualize and learn the best strategies of customer journey mapping including deciphering various key points such as persona profiling, objective setting, and touchpoint listing.

A number of brands have switched to offering their users with digital experience. However, a lot of those companies are still struggling to digitally provide the complete gamut of customer experience that their users are accustomed to. Discover the disconnect that exists between DX and CX, and how to plus the gap at every touchpoint by adopting the right tools. This session would help you create the right DCX program for your organization

Nobody likes criticism, but it is a fact that taking feedback from your customers can greatly help to improve customer experience and, in turn, enhance the overall productivity and profits for the organization. While there are several methods available to collect and analyze customer feedback, but it is imperative that you select the best possible to suit your business needs. In this informative session, our expert will take you through a step-by-step route on how to collect and evaluate customer feedback for overall business benefit

As brands evolve and grow in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to offer a personalized experience to each of its consumers. On the other hand, customers expect even better experiences from well-known brands. Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to build deeper connections and breed loyalty. ACX or Automated Customer Experience can help you to introduce AI-powered automation to your CX strategy, and thus help your business stand out from the rest.

Customer insights act as a fuel that powers all marketing activities of an organization. However, a lot of marketing leaders struggle to build convincing personas that drive CX improvement and growth. This concluding panel would take a deep dive into the world of personas and touch upon topics like: types of data and insights that aid persona development, and how to apply personas towards improving CX strategy and empowering other growth initiatives.

In a post-pandemic world, where buyer behaviour has changed significantly, technologies like AR and VR are not just fancy tools to dazzle your customers, but can severely impact a brand’s bottom line. This session will help you learn how AR/VR can work for your brand to build customer loyalty, offer enhanced customer service, and build lost-lasting relationships with your customers




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